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Who Are Good Nba Players Who Started Playing Basketball In Their Teens?

i dont really play basketball but i wanna start. By the way im 14 and about 6ft1. Im going to start practicing everyday over the summer in order to make my HS Bball team. Are their any other NBA players who are like me and started playing late but made it. It would help to know, im not the only one and its possible.

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11 Responses to “Who Are Good Nba Players Who Started Playing Basketball In Their Teens?”

  1. Huskar Says:

    Kevin Garnett FTW!

  2. Khoa Says:

    Wow you barely 14 and 6 ft 1 thats pretty tall.
    Basketball player good at age teens:
    Michael Jordan.Anyways most b-ball player must be good at there teams.Other wise they wouldnt make it too the NBA.Good Luck with your basketball!

  3. Da D Says:

    btw your not going to grow anymore 14 6’1 you might get to 6’2 but thats it if i were you i wouldnt worry about who started late i would be working on my legs and trying to dunk.

  4. Drake(Yea tha Rapper) Says:

    well here are some that have been playing since even before that:
    Malone(Karl and Moses)
    Domonique Wilkins
    and many more!

  5. dan_kess Says:

    Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tracy McGrady were in their teens when they played in the NBA.
    Michael Jordan didn’t make his team until late in his high school years.

  6. baudkarm Says:

    Tim Duncan didn’t start playing basketball until he was 14. So you should turn out to be just like him.

  7. Toronto Classic Says:

    Iverson was a football player in highschool. If he didnt pick up a bball in highschool he woulda been in the nfl

  8. Khai Says:

    Tim Duncan.

  9. dhmexpor Says:


  10. Naldo 4 President Says:

    tim duncan

  11. DDAVE Says:

    steve nash

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